NBS Analytics

This product was created to replace the PDF system we were using to provide our customers with their analytics (This product is only accessible by our customers).

Competitor analysis

An analysis of our competitors and services such google analytics was done to inform our decisions on this project. We detected opportunities to improve the users experience by creating an online analytic tool, where they could log in and capture their data from the past year, month and week.


We spoke with users to find out what data they wanted to see their analytics. I created wireframes based on this information in a dashboard style as this is a popular aesthetic for this type of product. We wanted a simple but effective tool which would provide the users with the information they were receiving before, but more detailed, more visual and a better user experience.

Visual proposal

Once the wireframes were approved, I moved on to high-fidelity designs and prototyping. Once we was happy with the designs we set up online user sessions to take them through the product to make sure we were providing them with what they needed. This feedback then helped me to refine the designs and develop our analytics service.


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